Improved External Products Pro

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Enable variable external products, customize link actions and more in WooCommerce with Improved External Products Pro.

Open Products in a New Tab:

Many people who offer external products want a way to open their products in a new tab. Well now you can!

Improved External Products Pro allows you to choose to open your products in a new tab on a global level as well as per category and per product/variation.

It’s simple and easy.

Do it on a product level:

External Product Setting for Opening in new tab

Or global/category level:

Backend Options - external products pro

Allow for External Variations:

If you are like many stores you could make even more money by selling product variations on your site and adding an affiliate link off-site to variations you don’t sell. With improved external products pro you can do that.

Add a variation to a variable product and set your button text, link action and link location:


Improved External Products Variation Backend

Then view it on the front end:

Improved External Product Variation Front End

It’s as easy as that!

Customize the action on External Products in Category Pages:

You can also customize the way external products function on category pages. You can choose to link the product image to the product on your site or externally, as well as link the product button externally or to the product on your own site. The link will open in a new tab or existing tab depending on  your settings set at the global, category and product level.

Category page settings - Improved external products pro


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